DNSMagic: support

We well know that when the DNS breaks at any non-trivial installation it is a big problem. That is why we developed the DNS regression suite that is a core component of DNSMagic.

We can provide support for DNSMagic, but it is not included in the purchase price. Once a site is setup there should be very little support needed and depending on the level of experience available at the site with perl, cvs and of course DNS, the level of support needed during migration to DNSMagic will vary greatly.

We can do the mirgration step for you - provided you can provide secure (eg ssh) root access to a box running the same OS as your primary nameserver - so that we can ensure that CVS/Git, perl and bind are all setup ok and with a copy of your DNS data so that we can populate the repository. We can do this, but we'll be charging $350 USD per hour.

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